Forum Title: Can't figure out how to remove faucet knob. Help!
Hi all, first post here, and hope someone can help me. We bought this house, and one of the bathrooms came with these faucets that I've never seen before. No brand name on them anywhere, and the faucet has a slow drip now, so I want to change the cartridge but for the life of me can't figure out how to remove the knob/cap in order to get access to the cartridge. No access screw and can't get a flat head screw driver to pry up any cap. Anyone have any clues or have ever seen this type of faucet? Thanks for any help!
Category: Plumber Post By: CATHERINE CARTER (Midwest City, OK), 05/25/2017

Thanks fellas. I tried to pry up the caps with a flat blade but no luck. I'll try to unscrew the top of the cap to see if that works and report back if successful. I finally found the brand of the faucet (the shower/bath) fixtures are the same look, and the brand says Hansgrohe on it. They prob don't make them anymore, but maybe I can call the company and ask them how to get the darned cap off.

- ALLISON DOMINGUEZ (Addison, IL), 09/15/2017

use a pocket knife blade to pop up the caps

- JESSICA LEWIS (Jacksonville, FL), 09/18/2017

TRY one of those rubber jar openers. The cap might unscrew if you hold the side of the handle and use the rubber with the palm of your hand. If I was there, I would try that

- SHANNON BURKE (Roswell, GA), 09/27/2017

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