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Hello, I am new to the forum and I have a predicament that I'm hoping to get some direction on. I am in the process of renovating our upstairs bathroom in our 1910 home, including running new plumbing. I am running PVC for the DWV lines and need to connect them to the existing Cast Iron main drain. Currently there is a Cast Iron 90┬░ hub (3") with a smaller 2" line that T's off the front. The 2" T has a lead & oakum seal that connects to a small (1.25") steel pipe. My plan was to remove the lead & oakum seal, along with the small pipe, and use a fernco to connect my 2" PVC to the 2" part of the hub. This has proven to be quite difficult, to put it mildly. My question is, should I continue to pursue this option or should I cut the 3" Cast iron pipe further down and replace the entire hub with pvc? I assume it is 3" pipe. It measures 4" on the outside. I will try to include a couple pictures for a frame of reference. Also, the cast iron pipe goes horizontally through the exterior wall and then, outside our house, goes vertically to the ground and ties into the septic.
Category: Plumber Post By: CAROLE DANIEL (Auburn, AL), 10/23/2016

Ok, thanks for the advice. As far as cutting the cast iron, would I need to rent a cast iron pipe cutter or could I get by with a sawsall?

- MATTIE REEVES (Fort Worth, TX), 09/02/2017

If you use a sawzall make sure you get the right blades or you will burn through them.

- SCOTT ALLEN (Calumet City, IL), 10/04/2017

I would cut it further back to avoid anymore frustration

- LEONARD AGUILAR (Santa Maria, CA), 10/13/2017

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