Forum Title: Disconnecting Old Wall Tube
I'm trying to replace the p-trap under our bathroom sink and the wall tube is stuck in the wall connector. I'm afraid they may have soldered or welded it, I've tried to hammer it to see if it was stuck from rust but it just seems to damage the tube. Any guidance would be appreciated, the house was built in 1965 and I'm not sure if anything was replaced as far as plumbing before we moved in.
Category: Plumber Post By: JAMIE LYONS (Madera, CA), 07/19/2017

Or, just remove and replace the old brass adaptor.

- SYLVIA HARPER (Portage, IN), 09/02/2017

Thanks for the pics. Always helpful. If you grad the chrome tube and crush it near the fitting you night break the 50 yr bond it has made to the brass fitting. cut the tube and leave an inch or 2 will make it easier to crush. . Depends on how much of the tube is inside the fitting. Probably only an inch or 2

- JO JOSEPH (Sunrise, FL), 09/25/2017

Thanks for your advice, I did that for a while and made a bit of progress. I ended up crushing the tube and trying to get parts that I could grab along the sides. I was able to unscrew and remove the brass ring between the wall tube and the stub out, however, it looks like the pipe goes a lot further in than I thought. Even with the ring removed, this thing isn't budging. I'm not sure if my next step will be to remove the nut sealing the stub out and the wall tube, that thing really, really doesn't want to go anywhere. The parts on planning on using to replace the p trap are PVC and I don't have anything to cut the stub out pipe. Any thoughts would go along way. Thanks guys. Attaching more pictures: very sorry about the disgusting stuff in the drain, but wanted to show how the pipe looked and how far in it goes.

- NINA HARDY (San Diego, CA), 10/10/2017

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