Forum Title: Dripping from this after new HE front load washer washes
Hi, a month ago we got a new front load washer, and today while in the garage I noticed this thing thats above the water pressure lever dripping a little while the washer was running. I did notice that i hear a noise in the wall where this thing is when the washer is putting in water here and there in the cycles, my valves are completely turned on behind my washer heres how the layout is: garage where the thingie and water pressure lever is (hot water heater next to that), kitchen is behind the lever wall and maybe 15 feet more is my washer/dryer room My pic is turned the wrong way not sure how to flip it to the right but any advice is helpful
Category: Plumber Post By: DANA RIOS (Galveston, TX), 08/01/2017

Update --- its dripping all the time, not just when washing, but it started after installing the new washer, any suggestions or can anyone tell me the name of the thingie thats leaking, thanks

- JOEL CARR (Lawrence, KS), 09/13/2017

That is a water pressure reducing valve. How old is it? This is common after years of service, and can be purchased at most big box hardware stores.

- Janet Jacobs (Chicago, IL), 09/14/2017

Thanks! House was built in 2005, so it needs to be changed and not screw nut adjusted? And i assume when replaced I'd pull the lever down to shut off all water supply correct

- MILDRED COOK (New Albany, IN), 10/14/2017

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