Forum Title: I need some advice on installing a bathtub for the first time
Hello everyone. Thank you for your help in advance. I am finishing my basement and i am getting ready to buy and install a bathtub for the first time. The space for the bathtub is 5' 32" so i'll be getting one to fit those specs, (+/-) on the width. (i did frame the length at 5'.25" so hopefully it won't be a pain getting the tub into the space. The plumbers that did the piping when the home was being built put the drain tube right against the 60" mark in the tub area (i will post pictures), so i'll have to run the tub drain pipe over whatever distance the tubs actual drain sits at. So my question is what is the best way (or type of tub to get) to install. There is a P trap under the cement so i don't have to fit one of those in, but if i were to buy a standard tub the drain will basically sit on the cement and won't have room underneath the tub for the drainage pipe to run over to the drain that sits against the wall. I'm assuming an option is to chisel out some cement and run the pipe across below the ground level but i'd prefer to not do that. I'm thinking the best idea is to get a drop in tub so i can frame around it, and frame it about 3.5" higher off the ground so i can run the drain pipe underneath the tub to the drain. But then how would you you recommend making sure the tub isn't just floating and is stable underneath it? A pile of wet cement and drop the tub onto it? a bunch of 2x4s going across the base so the tub will sit on those? 2x4s and use a type of spray foam?? Does anyone have any better suggestions than this idea? Thanks again for your help! -Andrew I apologize that the pictures posted sideways
Category: Plumber Post By: CARRIE LAWSON (Blue Springs, MO), 04/25/2016

Your plumber did you well 1.once you put together your overflow and drain kit on the tub you should dead on will have to chisel out a but if concrete to get the tub to sit all the way down 3.good luck

- BERNICE BANKS (Boca Raton, FL), 09/20/2017

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