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I want to move my daughter's 40 gallon gas water heater from a closet in her small kitchen to her garage. One potential problem is that the vent pipe for this water heater is concrete pipe. I have purchased and sent to a laboratory a sample of the pipe collected by pressing wide Scotch tape against the pipe (while wearing mask and gloves). I am in the process of preparing a Statement of Work for the completion of the water heater move consisting of tasks that I know I can complete (e.g. installation of a protective bollard and the hot water stand at the garage installation). In the advent that the lab reports that the pipe contains asbestos, who do I get to perform the removal? I want to remove the existing closet in her kitchen in order to have room to install a larger refrigerator. In order to do this I need to remove at least the length of the pipe between the old vent hood and the top of the dry wall above the old water heater (less than 24"). I would accept leaving the old vent from the top of the vent to the vent cap if that is allowed by code. Any help on this would be appreciated. Jim Houston
Category: Plumber Post By: VIVIAN KELLER (Diamond Bar, CA), 07/17/2016

You need to call around to find someone that is licensed / certified to remove and dispose of abestos. Not knowing your area it would be easiest to call around. Best place to ask would be a home renovation contractor to find out who they use. But beware, they may be definite if they perceive you as competition.

- CHRISTIAN MILES (Vista, CA), 09/11/2017

After I posted the question it occurred to me that there might be a simpler solution. Why couldn't I just have the contractor disconnect the concrete pipe from the ceiling joists (supported with straps), push the pipe up about 24 and extend the 6 metal roof vent in which the concrete pipe is installed (concentric arrangement)? The vent would of course be non-functional but it would mean that I would not have to dispose of the concrete pipe (i.e. abandon in place). Jim Houston

- BEATRICE HOLLAND (Everett, MA), 09/23/2017

Bob is correct. asbestos is only dangerous when it is airbourne that is why the pros squirt it with water from a pump sprayer and put it in a plastic bag, as they are removing it they work in teams of 2, one squirts as the other handles.. there is a drift here..did you catch it?

- Charles LaCour (Los Angeles, CA), 10/05/2017

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