Forum Title: Water Heater Draining Problem
Hello everybody! I just registered on this site this evening & am glad to be here. Let me describe what's going on. I live in a mobile home park & the water is crap........between 700-900 PPM. The sediment is clogging up at the bottom of my heater, so that when I attempt to give it the once-a-year complete draining as advised, nothing will come out of the drain valve at the bottom. I've tried running a stiff wire into the open valve to get the water to flow, but no luck. I'd appreciate any advice, helpful hints, products on the market that'll dissolve the sediment, etc. Thanx for your time & hope to hear from anyone who has any ideas. Thanx again, jd45
Category: Plumber Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Des Plaines, IL), 01/08/2017

You may have to remove the drain valve and break up debris with a screwdriver to get it to flow

- CHARLIE LAMBERT (Germantown, TN), 09/21/2017

Good luck with this. Especially if the water is that hard. Might want to try flushing with vinegar. And just as a preventative, stick a whole house filter on.

- KENT HARMON (Davie, FL), 10/01/2017

I don't understand how I can flush it with vinegar if I can't get the water to drain from the jacket to begin with. That's the starting point.....getting the water to flow and the sediment buildup along with it out of the drain valve at the bottom of the heater. When it comes time to change the heater at the end of its life, it'll be too heavy to move if its full of water. That's why I need a way to break thru the sediment......Any suggestions.....anyone? jd45

- Kyle Compton (Houston, TX), 10/02/2017

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