Forum Title: Water leaking condominium shower
Hello everyone, I got some issues on my current condominium* THere had been some water leaks to the downstairs neighbor, precisely in the shower area. I had engaged wateproofing expert to do some chemical waterproofing, but to no avail, the water is still dripping. The company ultimately gave up and asked us t find some plumber or contractor as they suspect it is due to structural issue and piping. However when I engage plumber, they said otherwise and it is due to waterproofing issue. I am confused on what to do and where to go I had opened up the drain hole and poured water directly in, and the water it is still dripping downstairs, without touching and going through the floor tiles, so i believe this is not due to waterproofing issue? or am i wrong? I had also checked my water meter and it is not moving at all even when i am not using it for 8 hours so there should be no leak from this side thanks in advance for any advices and suggestions
Category: Plumber Post By: TONI YANG (Perris, CA), 01/07/2017

If the drain is leaking when water is running in it then it is a plumbing problem. Seems like someone is trying to push the blame elsewhere.

- RUBY MORALES (Fort Smith, AR), 09/11/2017

Pictures of your shower drain and pan will help us give you some better advice.

- CARMEN MATTHEWS (El Paso, TX), 10/02/2017

If it leaks when you pour water into the drain without getting any on the flange of drain, then it must be the drain leaking. Reality is, someone is going to have to open the ceiling below to see what is leaking and to evaluate on how to fix it. Here's one I did today. Water leaks on floor of 1st floor condo when they used bathtub upstairs in another condo. Cheapest option for owner in upper unit. Don't use the tub. Not an option for them so I opened a hole in wall unit below. Found several cracks in 2 and 3 cast iron pipe. Been cracked for a long time. Only started leaking after the unit was vacant for several month. The sludge build up inside the pipe dried out when the unit was vacant.

- RICKY GILBERT (Richmond, IN), 10/12/2017

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