Forum Title: What do you recommend for our sewer line?
Once a year for the past 2 years, our sewer line has become obstructed. We got some estimates as to how the fix the problem. We have a 50 year old clay sewer pipe. Fairly close to the house there is a break with a root growing into it. These are the best presented options: Contractor #1 had 2 suggestions: Option 1) $2000 1. Excavate down 3' to expose the root infiltrated joint in the sewer line. 2. Remove 3' of 4" sewer line and install 3' of new 4" sewer line to eliminate the root in the line. 3. Bed the pipe and backfill hole with proper compaction. 4. Install new overflow protection device on the existing clean out. 5. Job is to include labor, material, special equipment, permit and inspections. Option 2) $6950 1. Sawcutt and Jackhammer to remove 40sqft of asphalt in the street. 2. Excavate down to expose the connection to the mainline in the street down 9'. 3. Replace the connection to the main line using SDR-26 Wye if cracked or broken. (ADD-$750.00) 4. Excavate down to expose the sewer line at the foundation in the front of the house. 5. Pipe burst the sewer line from the foundation to the main line in the street using 4" SDR-17 HDPE pipe. 6. Install new two way clean out at foundation with overflow protection device. 7. Backfill both holes with proper compaction and replace asphalt to City specs. 8. Job is to include labor, material, special equipment, permits , inspections, and traffic control. Contractor #2 suggested the following Option 3) Cost $1500 + permits Repair approximately 3 ft. of 4in. sewer line located in front of the house and install a new 2-way clean-out. Permits are not included in this quote. Options 1 and 3 are similar in price (permit will be about $360), but option 3 (contractor #2) also includes a new 2-way clean-out to replace out current 1-way clean-out. However, we like contractor #1 better (seems more competent/professional). Contractor #1 said to also replace the cleanout with a 2-way clean out would add $2000 to the cost of option 1 for a total cost of $4000. What would you do and why? Thanks!
Category: Plumber Post By: DEBORAH CLARK (Owensboro, KY), 08/14/2017

Would option 3 pay for the permit or would you? And I am wondering why option 2 decided to go all the way to street if you have such a small section of clay.

- STEPHANIE HILL (Federal Way, WA), 09/11/2017

cutting out a section is a band aid repair. what you need is a sewer replacement from the house to the sewer tap. I would be asking the city, to break the street. and move THEIR tap out from under the street. that is an option I would look into. replace the sewer..if not, you will be replacing 3' sections every year at $2000.00 each till it is totally replaced get 3 bids all of the bids for the same scope of work with a price break down/ itemized proposal with permits included when the sewer is replaced,,a 2 way clean out is code,,do not let them charge you extra for an item they have to install

- VICTOR PRICE (Seattle, WA), 09/23/2017

I miss-read. Thought only partial was clay.

- TIM HOLLAND (Panama City, FL), 10/03/2017

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