Forum Title: What type of bathroom drain system is this
My son is looking at a used home. It has an odd drain system on the OVAL cast iron tub. The bath tub has no jets so it not a Jacuzzi style tub. But on the bottom of the tub (see pics) there's a big drain system with two large hoses that go to a pump. On the pump there's a small 1/4 copper tubing that is going up to the top of the OVERFLOW outlet. There's no electrical switch to turn this pump on in the bathroom. I'm thinking that maybe it's a safety fast drain system on some sort, so if the tub were to overflow it would get a fast drain with the pump? Has anyone seen a system like this? If so what is it's function and if your familiar manufacture. Thank You
Category: Plumber Post By: ELEANOR SIMS (Gaithersburg, MD), 08/15/2016

Wow. Just Wow. Love seeing old stuff like this in old houses. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that. Good luck and keep us posted.

- RUBEN LOWE (Des Plaines, IL), 09/18/2017

To be honest, never seen anything like that before. The plumber that put that in was probably buried years ago.

- MISTY FIGUEROA (Carson, CA), 10/01/2017

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